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KulturStühle provide a place

KulturStühle is a socio-cultural and communication tool that establishes close contact and awareness of others.

This tool enables something novel to be produced from a void, brings strangers together and inspires them. This tool facilitates the joy of diversity, otherness and the uniqueness of the individual. With this tool, thanks to our differences, unexpected thought-provoking impulses can be created in others and sometimes even change their opinions. Our similarities enable us to recognise that our diversity is also an opportunity! In cooperation with the Jugendhilfe Süd Niedersachsen and the Göttingen House of Culture, this project provides young people with the opportunity to converse with each other using creative communication.




Even outside the Göttingen region, KulturStühle - interactively brings people into contact with each other . - provides a venue for exchanging culture and experience - reduces inhibitions and fear of contact in favour of building relationships - facilitates new initiatives and projects.




Old wooden chairs are colourfully decorated in collaboration by 2—3 participants. Anyone can take part. Participation is free of charge.




Naturally, you can also create KulturStühle in your own school, company, business, club ... … Their creation has no boundaries. The finished KulturStühle are stimulating eye catchers everywhere they are exhibited: public places, waiting rooms, cafés … …


Come and communicate with us!


Everyone who wishes to provide a place for mutual respect and appreciation is wanted! 


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